Messy – [Lil Tracy]

When I think about the underground Rap scene, Lil Tracy is one of the most legendary figures who pops into my head. I’ve always had such admiration for his work because he’s never shied away from talking about literally anything and although his lyrics somewhat transformed into subtle flexes and sexual innuendos the more famous he got, he still sticks to his roots in terms of his overall sound as well as some of the seriously emotional and eye-opening encounters he has had throughout his life. Although he has had some ups and downs throughout his career with certain people, he has stayed true to himself and that has been probably the biggest reason of them all as to why his cult fanbase is more loyal to him than most other music listeners are to their favorite artist.

Tracy has been somewhat quiet in terms of music recently, but that typically means he’s cooking something up and he has some surprises that are going to be placed in our laps before we even realize it. Luckily, he decided to hit the SoundCloud pages like the old days and drop of a brand-new single entitled “Messy”. This track, produced by hitmakers Ginseng and ForeignGotEm, utilizes momentous, building guitar and a tranquil flute combined with hard-hitting drums and chattering percussion that actually gives this track certain Atlanta Trap music vibes that I was not expecting to hear, but I’m extremely appreciative of. While the guitar is nothing new to Lil Tracy, this style of instrumental isn’t necessarily typical of the New Jersey talent, so I’m definitely pleased to see him expanding his always experimental horizons even further.

As the song begins to take shape, Tracy half mumbles half hums into the mic as if to get the vibe and rhythm of the song before bringing some final energetic ad-libs that introduce us perfectly to the drop of the beat. His disposition comes off as if he’s nonchalant and almost numb, to begin with, but then he starts heightening and lowing his vocal pitch, showing off his range while also adding even more emotion to the evocative track. His flows are consistent throughout, but they never get repetitive due to the fact that he constantly rotates in new cadences that only last for a select number of bars before he switches things up once again. This, along with his vocal range that is always elevated by the perfect amount of autotune, shows off his impressive arsenal of aptitudes and keeps listeners drawn in and captivated throughout.

In his verse, he starts spitting the next bar before the previous line even comes to an end, but it never interrupts his message because the prior bar typically tapers off into the distance, leading us right into the next uninterrupted line and adding some swiftness to his already rampant delivery. As he takes on a sonic tour throughout this single, he mentions topics such as fake people and having a plethora of lovely ladies while also mixing in a few subtle flexes and sexual innuendos like I mentioned before. Ultimately, though, this song is dedicated to one of his homies who goes by the name of Lil Messy, who’s apparently still locked up in prison.

While we might not get as much of an abundance of music from Tracy as we used to in his early days on SoundCloud, I think it’s blatantly clear that the overall quality of his music in the last few years has increased exponentially. Qualities within the instrumentals he uses are just crisper and his vocals are perfectly imperfect, just the way they’re intended to be. I’m not sure if this is because of the years of practice he has put into perfecting his craft or if he is just able to afford more premium equipment with his profusion of money, but I’m not asking questions as long as he continues putting out such great music. I honestly don’t know what’s to come next from Lil Tracy, but I’ll be tuning in and keeping a close eye on the moves he makes in the near future to make sure I don’t miss out on any new music from the underground superstar. I suggest you pay close attention as well, and the perfect place to start is with his brand-new track entitled “Messy”, so be sure to give it a spin below.