Messy – [Lil Tracy]

One of the most infamous talents I’ve always been a huge fan of has to be Lil Tracy. His depressed disposition is as captivating as it is relatable at times, but his mixture of subtle flexes and Punk aesthetics has always drawn me into every single new offering he has gifted us. While some songs include fast-paced electric guitars, others take a step back and include meaningful, poignant acoustic strums that give him a perfect foundation to not only flex his wealth but also reveal some of the real-life struggles he goes through on the daily. While some of these themes might be extremely dark or painful for him to reveal, they can also be applicable to others and help listeners get through whatever they might be going through, so I’ll always tip my cap to him for that.

Just a few weeks ago, he dropped off a loosie entitled “Messy” which I talked about as soon as it came out, and although I’ve been listening to this record somewhat regularly since its release, it now has a music video that I’m late on, but I could resist writing about. As the visual opens up, quick cuts to the tags on his designer clothes show off name brands like Amiri, Evisu, and Vivienne Westwood, allowing him to not only brag about his possessions even further but also prove that some of the lines he sings throughout are truthful, although I don’t think anyone was calling his bluff in the first place. Rotating in with these shots are other lo-fi clips of him hanging out on the edge of his bed which contains a plethora of additional scattered clothing.

When he begins to spit, a similar granular, homemade aesthetic shows the talents outside with some homies as he sings. The transitions from scene to scene include blurred horizontal white lines as if he’s fast-forwarding a VHS tape, bringing us to each additional setting fairly rapidly. To emphasize the name of the song, a luxurious BMW car is covered in dust, prompting him to use his finger to write the word messy in the filth. Heading back into his bedroom, he smokes a blunt before lighting up a bong as two lovely ladies get intimate with each other in his rearview. In addition to the lo-fi aesthetic of the visual, camera strategies like spinning shots, night vision, and tunnel vision clips zero in on the Virginia native, singling him out and proving that despite his dejected demeanor, he’s the star of this miniature movie.

I’ve mentioned in detail previously how Punk Rap is one of my favorite subgenres to listen to, but there are so many different kinds of this style of music that Tracy has perfected over the years. Whether you’re getting the high energy, chaotic tracks, or the introspective, more personal offerings, Tracy’s heart is on his sleeve throughout his entire catalog of music, and I couldn’t be more enthralled by his music if I tried. Although some of his previous music videos have been more intricate or had a higher budget, I still can’t help but respect this kind of visual, because it seems like he did it more so on his own for the fans in order to get more content out for us to enjoy, so I’m undoubtedly happy with the results. Even if you’ve been bumping “Messy” since its release, as I have, it’s mandatory to tune into the new music video, so I suggest doing so as soon as you find some time.