Megalodon – [DC the Don]

DC the Don is an artist that I’ve been following for quite a while at this point, and he continues to impress me with every new release he puts out. Not only that, but he’s one of the fewer artists who always seems to make an effort to reach out and thank me for covering his music pretty consistently. At the same time, though, no thanks are needed because his music is just plain and simply so good that I’d be covering it regardless. While he has been blazing a trail of his own in the punk-inspired subgenre of hip-hop since taking the industry by storm, he decided to get a bit grittier and more ruthless with his latest offering “Megalodon”, showing a different side of him that comes together for a song that honestly might be one of my favorites by the Milwaukee native.

Produced by Astroboy, we hear a pretty intergalactic synth progression before pungent drums and piercing percussion come into the picture, giving DC an amazingly hardcore foundation to build off of. Before he even comes in to rap, though, he fires off a slew of ad-libs that are Sheck Wes-like, giving us a look at what we’re getting ourselves into in the moments to come. When he does begin to spit, he is in attack mode as he shoots off his mouth like a gun, showcasing a different and more aggressive side of him than what we’re used to hearing. There is a grittiness behind his delivery that not only works well with this style of song but also shows us that he’s not an artist that you can box into one specific genre because he can clearly do it all. All in all, he goes absolutely insane throughout this entire track, and I couldn’t be more excited to share this one with you all than I already am.

Alongside the song comes a Cobain-directed, 713Bran-edited music video that definitely fits the vibe of this hardcore track, but I figured I’ll let you watch that on your own as you rock out to the record as well. This song blew me away, without a doubt, but it’s not necessarily because of the sounds DC utilized, even though they were definitely right up my alley. It blew me away because it just shows how dexterous and versatile DC can be as an artist, and with so many copycats in the current day and age of music, originality can be hard to come by at times. I could rave about DC the Don’s latest song “Megalodon” for days on end, but I’m going to stop here so I can continue to run this track back, and I highly suggest you do the same.