Meet WebsterX

An interview conducted by Marcus Pulvermacher


Who is WebsterX, and what is N-A-N?

Webster X embodies a lot of different things, on purpose for the most part, for me its just me I’m Sam Ahmed, but Webster X means more of a introspective/ inclusive thing. So I’m very focused on my own thing, but I’m also focused on getting everybody together. New Age Narcissism is that collective idea coming together with the homies, its essentially myself, Lorde Fredd33, Siren (who’s an amazing singer),Lex allen, q the sun, Chris G, and my homie Arris, and then on top of that, were making sure the people know that they can be apart of it too, so like once NAN merch comes out, the can have a shirt too,and the can feel apart of it. I look to the Natives tongues a lot from the 90’s like a tribe called quest and shit like that, thats why i fuck with that whole collective idea of a super group coming together, so we can disband at anytime we want, and come together any time we want.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Milwaukee Wisconsin for my entire life, and then went to school in Tosa, through Chapter 2-20 which allowed little black kids like me to go to white schools which was pretty tight, but yeah pretty much Milwaukee has been me since day 1.

How did you get into music?

I got into music through my Pops, just listening to music growing up, you know like every other kid and shit, but i was actually listening to a lot of psychedelic rock before i got into hip hop.

You seem to be at the forefront of the “renaissance” going on in Milwaukee at the moment, can you explain what is going on in the city right now?

The renaissance… Which was the question you pretty much said your self which was perfect, there is a lot of cats giving a fuck right now. Thats the biggest thing, everyone is just unique, thats why we are having success and outside people are noticing. From myself, to IshDarr, to Lorde Fredd33 to Klassik to Bankx, just a whole bunch of people i could name drop right now. Could it use more work with wit connection and people actually being together? Yes, but that comes naturally. Right now its at a good good point.

What makes Milwaukee music different from the other music coming out right now?

Its Milwaukee, its different because its Milwaukee. Thats pretty much it. We all have our own experiences and stuff and it makes it that much cooler.

What influenced your music the most?

People, for sure, people and that goes as far as listening to other artists and a lot of different artists that pretty much shaped my form of what i want to do. I listen to everything, not just music listening but also socially listening to people, just being around everyone and gathering that shit and not being fake about it.

What music are you listening to and playing the most at the moment?

Whoooo, at the moment, I’m playing a lot of Taylor McFerrin, he’s tight as fuck, Lucki eck$, lucki eck$ is great, i be going through phases daily, but for the most part its just Taylor McFerrin, Lucki eck$, obvioulsly the new Chance SURF record which is pretty dope.

Whats next for WebsterX?

A whole lot of shit man! A lot of summer festivals, a lot more growth, and probably more then one project coming out.

Watch WebsterX‘s visual for doomsday, below.