Meet my new favorite artist: Malcolm Todd

Man, when I tell you that I love finding amazing music…I LOVE FINDING AMAZING MUSIC! In its’ purest form, music is meant to excite you and transport you to any and every reality other than your own; making you forget your current circumstances altogether. I spend a lot of my time trying to find artists who create that feeling for me and today, I’m stoked to be introducing you all to someone who deserves mad love right now.

A few days ago, my good friend sophie gray sent me a text saying, “i just found this kid i feel like you’d think is fire”… sophie is a producer herself, so I knew she has great taste, but I honestly was not expecting to be blown away in the way that I was after listening. The artist she sent me is Malcolm Todd; Odds are, the name might not sound familiar, but after you peep his discography, you won’t be able to get it our of your head. The young Los Angeles native is making his debut appearance on Lyrical Lemonade for a 6 song offering he released back in May of 2022. The project, called “Demos Before Prom” is one of the waviest things I’ve heard in recent memory and I’m slightly embarrassed that it took me so long to come across it.

From the moment you turn this EP on, you’ll immediately realize that all the hype I’m throwing Malcolm’s way is 100% worth it. The up and comer just finished up high school, but his sound exudes a professionalism that would make you think he’s been doing this forever. The vibe in his music is just so rich and I can’t even begin to find words to properly describe it. Malcolm has a phenomenal voice and the production on “Demos” is simplistic, yet out of this world a the same time. Every song on here is fire, but some personal favorites of mine are “Out of Bounds” and “Hesitating”.

Malcolm Todd is the truth, so make sure you tap in ASAP and let us know what you think after listening! Stream “Demos Before Prom” at the link below!