Meek Mill’s “Don’t Follow The Heathens” freestyle reminds listeners how he got to the top.

Meek Mill’s new freestyle, “Don’t Follow the Heathens,” showcases his signature aggressive flow and confident delivery in a manner that avid listeners are all-too-familiar with. He tackles themes of loyalty and perseverance, describing trials and tribulations he’s encountered throughout his journey to the top of the industry. The beat is energetic and pulsating, perfectly complementing Meek’s powerful rhymes.

The song is a reminder of Meek’s skill as a rapper and his ability to craft thought-provoking lyrics with no script. I couldn’t help feelings of nostalgia creep in, as I pictured myself in 2013-14 listening to his and Lil Snupe’s sessions that seemingly went on for hours.

This style from Meek is what got me to really follow his music, and “Don’t Follow The Heathens” has reminded me of why. Check it out, accompanied by a visual by Carter’s Vision on YouTube below!