Meditate – [EARTHGANG] ft. [J.I.D]

Oftentimes in music, songs come and go no matter how incredible they are, and after a certain allotted amount of time, people move on, especially in the current digital age of the industry. Nonetheless, there are some songs that I just will never get tired of, and I revisit them quite frequently as I shuffle my playlists and remember some of these offerings. Even though EARTHGANG released their EP Rags way back in 2017, their song “Meditate” featuring J.I.D is a record that is just so amazing, I still can’t get enough of it. Everything from the production to the narrative to their deliveries is nothing short of perfect, and I find something new that I like about it every additional time I listen to it.

Despite the fact that it’s more than a few years old, I love when artists decide to go back and breathe new life into some of their best releases to date, so when I realized they teamed up with Chad Tennies and Mac Grant to direct a brand-new music video for this track, you already know I couldn’t help but write about it. Opening up with the trio wearing chains and striped outfits, they seem to be making an escape onto a canoe before landing onshore to a scene of abandoned cop cars and fire trucks, which they take over and spit some of their bars.

Later on, they hang out in an abandoned, hazy building where a group of lovely ladies seems to hand-wash certain garments before the three emcees join them to drink out of giant, mysteriously market jugs and recite even more of their lyrics. As we move on, various interesting shots are shown including what appears to be a baby dressed up as Trump, businessmen playing musical chairs, a gentleman attempting to tear down a statue, and even Johnny Venus hanging from an American flag.

Finally, things are brought full circle when they throw their striped jumpsuits on one more time in a jail cell, driving home their message without a doubt as things close out. “Meditate” itself is such a powerful and captivating song, so it was only right that the music video did the same, and I can say with the utmost certainty that this is what happened. With that being said, I highly suggest you revisit this classic record as soon as you get the chance by tuning into the brand-new music video below.