Meanwhile, A Live Performance – [Andy Z6]

With the pandemic leaving the world in a state of contact-less engagement, artists everywhere are looking for creative ways to satisfy their fans’ hunger for intimate engagement and new music. The Atlanta residing talents of Andy Z6 has found his designated lane amidst this new normal with the release of his 17-minute live performance. Although this is not Andy Z6’s first time on Lyrical Lemonade this does mark his first time since the release of his debut EP, Atelier

His newly shared live performance, cleverly titled, Meanwhile, A Live Performance, bridges the gap between his last single, “Proof,” and his upcoming work. To no surprise, the live performance exemplifies the singer-songwriter’s unreal vocal talents that have little to no disparity between the studio recordings we’ve collectively heard and the live rendition. A personal favorite EP cut of mine, “Let’s Just Say,” is added to the medley mix alongside previously released, “Safe.” The performance by Andy Z6 introduces new unreleased songs like “Green Flags” and “A for Effort” which will undoubtedly be apart of something bigger for the burgeoning artist. Andy Z6’s energy throughout the performance is incredibly intoxicating and entirely consuming in his ability to bring to life a baron space with color, music and showmanship. 

Watch the new live performance from Andy Z6 below.