Mean Girl – [Yung Baby Tate] ft. [Queen Key] [Asian Doll]

Yung Baby Tate has already led a busy summer, and by the looks of it, the Atlanta artist has no plans of slowing down any time soon. Today, Tate drops off a new video for her song “Mean Girl”, recently released on her ‘GIRLS Deluxe’ album.

For the new visual, Tate takes the song’s title and interprets it quite literally, recreating scenes from the iconic movie that inspired the track. Tate casts herself in the role of Regina George, and she embodies all the attributes of the ruthless original mean girl in her presence both musically and visually. As Tate issues a verse full of brutal disses, she posts up in a hallway sporting her signature pink look. Queen Key makes her appearance with a quiet, yet just as cold verse, and Asian Doll closes the track with a relentless flow. With “Mean Girl”, hip-hop’s rising mean girls announce their arrival, making their presence known by putting their powers together and an equally energetic video to match.