Me or Sum – [Nardo Wick] ft. [Future} & [Lil Baby]

There are certain artists who very easily could call this year their own because they not only made waves and introduced themselves into the music industry, but they also made some moves that will solidify themselves in the hip-hop world from here on out. For Nardo Wick, it’s pretty easy to see that he has dominated this year probably more than anyone else, working with artists like Lil Durk, 21 Savage, G Herbo, and more as well as even receiving an unbelievable music video from our very own Cole Bennett.

It’s just insane to think that even though he has been making music for a couple of years, he had so many prominent moments in 2021 that are setting him up for success, and the year isn’t even over. His debut album Who is Nardo Wick? is set to release this Friday, and in case fans weren’t already excited enough, he decided to build even more buzz with the release of one more single entitled “Me or Sum” which features massive guests in Future and Lil Baby.

Z3N produced this hit, beginning with some serene string progressions, booming 808s, and tapping percussion before quickening the tempo and incorporating some much more belligerent, trap-inspired sounds that are unique and incredibly captivating. Future begins things with a melodic, soothing delivery at the start, but once the beat changes, it’s game over for everyone not on Nardo’s side. When the newcomer begins to spit, he is in attack mode as each lyric he spits seems to come out of his mouth like a bullet, piercing through to your core in the most remarkable fashion.

This leads us right into Lil Baby verse where he seems to bridge the gap between Nardo’s ruthless flow and Future’s more relaxed delivery, bringing us to one more portion from Future that rounds out this record insanely well. I couldn’t be more excited for Nardo Wick’s debut album later this week, but “Me or Sum” is definitely wonderful enough to hold me over, and it’s a track I think you’re going to want to listen to as soon as possible.