Me & My Drugz, Pt. 2 – [Rucci] ft. [Shordie Shordie]

West Coast Hip-Hop music is a style that has always been a favorite of mine from the moment I heard it so many years ago, and there are so many different adaptations and styles that are included throughout the region. Rucci is an artist that I was just put onto a few months ago, but I’ve been a fan ever since my introduction. His sophomore album Midget just arrived not too long ago, and his real-life stories that are elevated by the exposure of his inner feelings while also being combined with other upbeat anthems truly give us the best of both worlds when it comes to one of Inglewood’s most entertaining rising stars.

Although there are many standouts on the project, one of my personal favorites was when he teamed up with Shordie Shordie to create “Me & My Drugz, Pt. 2”, and luckily, we now have a music video to accompany the hit. Meaningful, poignant strings are elevated by sharp percussion, and bouncing drums that create a fun-loving yet serious foundation for this record. As Rucci comes in for the hook, his autotuned vocals complement the strings in the production seamlessly and even breathe more energy into the track than ever before. The layers of vocals used provide an almost robotically melodious sound that is as incredible as it is dexterous.

As Rucci comes in for his verse, he lowers his voice and ditches his well-sung notes to provide a much more serious, unapologetic flow. He just comes through so smoothly, never running out of breath or hurrying up his words to fit with the tempo but rather naturally letting his lyrics pour out of his mouth effortlessly. As Shordie comes in for the second verse, his additionally tuneful vocals pair with Rucci’s on the chorus perfectly, but the rasp in his words provide some diversity as well. His lyrics are spoken quickly and mashed together, sometimes leading to some trouble understanding his message, but the enthusiasm and emotion he puts into his delivery tell most of the story anyway. As the two make their ways through the song, they touch on a variety of topics, most of which relating to the drugs they take to cope with the pain and struggles they have to face in life.

As the visual opens, a plethora of different drugs are shown off, including pills, lean, and weed, pairing with the lyrical content understandably. One of the main settings used is inside a studio apartment of some sort that is unfurnished, and the large windows allow natural light to come into the area and illuminate the white walls, providing purity and freshness to the video. Certain oversaturated effects give specific shots an old school R&B music video aesthetic while the entire thing is encompassed in a film reel-inspired frame. Some clips show each artist on their own while others show them together, and even more clips showcase their entire crew as everyone dances, pours up, and has a great time. Although it’s a fairly simplistic visual, it’s always great to see these artists come together and just vibe out to their incredible music, so I’m totally here for it.

I wasn’t expecting Rucci to show off the melodious qualities within his voice on the hook of this song because that’s just not typical of him, but after hearing this experimentation, I definitely hope to hear more like this from him in the future. It just expands his artistry incredibly and allows him to wear more than one hat which will go a long way when trying to grow a fanbase beyond the West Coast. Shordie Shordie is always a welcome addition to any sort of West Coast song, with this being no exception, and is individualistic voice just complements this kind of instrumental flawlessly. While I can’t condone drugs myself, I understand after hearing their perspective why they might be a coping mechanism for some after experiencing some of the hardships they have, so I have absolutely no judgment coming from my end. Instead, we have an absolutely magnificent song and music video for “Me & My Drugz, Pt. 2”, and I couldn’t be more excited to share it.