Me and Your Boyfriend – [Groupthink]

Groupthink is an emcee that I found out about barely a month ago, but in the most business-sounding way, he has been on my mind ever since. He is a person who is able to blend a ton of genres together, but at the end of the day, his style ends up sounding very indie rock forward, and that’s something I am very appreciative of.

I definitely have gone through phases of fully immersing myself in this genre of music, but I haven’t had a moment where I felt like I needed to tap in with so much versatility and excitement in the underground world of hip-hop, but Groupthink definitely shifted my perspective, and I am beyond excited about that. Not only this, but he is a local, Chicago talent, and when I am put onto someone who is from here without me even knowing beforehand, that’s even more exhilarating for me personally.

I have thoroughly enjoyed running back the song “Guilty Pleasure” since I heard it for the first time in April, but I am even more thrilled about his latest release “Me and Your Boyfriend”. This song has such a robust and fierce vibe to it while also maintaining this not-so-depressing melancholic feel that is honestly hard to explain. Still, I think it incorporates a ton of passion into the record, and the music video is even better. Groupthink even directed the visual with the help of Jochi Saca, and while there are a ton of events unfolding in one cohesively chaotic manner, it just plays to the song’s vibrancy magnificently.

There are a variety of scenes that come straight from the creative mind of this talent, and when these are incorporated with the raw, gritty effects throughout, I can’t think of any ways that this could’ve come together much better than it did. Groupthink is here to shake things up, which I’m totally intrigued by, so whether or not you’ve heard his music before or not, I can all but guarantee you’ll vibe with his latest track “Me and Your Boyfriend”.