MB Salone and Wavee team up for an easy-listening single in “Fallin’.”

Another week, another ethereal R&B song write-up from me. Engineer/producer MB Salone got the assist from astounding vocalist Wavee on their newest joint, “Fallin’.” I hadn’t heard Wavee before, but on first listen you can hear the raw ability that sets her talents apart from many in the industry. Authentic vocal skill is something that I could listen to acapella, but infusing her voice with MB Salone’s masterful production on this joint is exactly what the vocals needed to blossom.

The track features some effective low sounds; bass, background vocals, and drum patterns, that complement Wavee’s tones perfectly, while the light piano keys add melody that I tend to love in many of my favorite songs too. I’m a sucker for layering vocals, and Salone’s engineering is a perfect example of how impactful they can be on a track. It adds depth and omnipresent sound that gives the track a fulfilling nature.

“Fallin'” is a phenomenal example of what happens when you pair raw vocal talent with high-level production and engineering, and I can legitimately say this is one I’ll be adding to my rotation.

Check out MB Salone and Wavee’s newest offering “Fallin'” on Spotify below!