MAZZA – [Slowthai] ft. [A$AP Rocky]

Grime music might not be nearly as widespread in the US as it is in Europe, England specifically, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain some of the most gifted and insane emcees in the entire industry. It has rightfully been gaining a bit of momentum as certain icons in American music collaborate with icons in the Grime scene, yet it still doesn’t get the respect I think it deserves.

The perfect example of an artist who blows me away when it comes to his music itself, visuals, overall persona, and just about every other aspect is undeniably slowthai. The Northampton is known for his chaotic personality, unapologetic word plays, and sometimes demonic disposition, yet what many people fail to realize is just how brilliant the English talent truly is. He has a way of thinking outside the box on all fronts, whether that’s in his insane music videos, intricate and inventive cadences, or just overall unique styles that only he can bring to life.

In order to continue building anticipation for his highly anticipated sophomore album TYRON, he decided to gift fans a brand-new single called “MAZZA” featuring the one and only A$AP Rocky, and although this pairing might confuse some prior to listening, I knew it was going to be unbelievable, and boy was I right. Produced by SAMO, Kwes Darko, and Thai himself, the beat begins with some wistful, airy rotating synths that are quickly met with powerful drums and even crisper percussion that provide a bit of a hurry to the tempo of the record. Thai begins the track with a few playful ad-libs before coming in with some strong bars that aren’t necessarily extremely intricate, but he continues to get more complex with his rhythmic patterns as the song continues to progress.

My favorite part about any slowthai offering is how his personality doesn’t change from song to song, remaining consistent and showing fans an inside look at his energy and charisma, and this song is absolutely no different. While Thai’s vitality might be closer to a roller coaster rider, Rocky’s vigor is closer to that of a leisurely cruise through the city without a worry in the world. His words are spoken with such panache, none of his flows are rushed or forced, and he just has this buttery manner to his delivery which isn’t surprising in the slightest, but somehow it just fits in so well with Thai’s off the wall portions.

Back in November alongside a personal note about what the project means to him, Thai announced that TYRON will be out on February 5th. In the note, he goes on to describe the fact that he made the album during a portion of his life that wasn’t very easy for him, but he mentions how he learned from his experiences and continues to strive and constantly grow into a better person overall. Aside from this, he also mentions how he hopes that the album can give those who are struggling a bit of hope as well and show listeners that it’s okay to be yourself. Despite the premonition that Thai is this wild and crazy person, his real fans know how deep and introspective he can get, and I think his early singles have definitely highlighted this thus far, so while we continue to await the arrival of TYRON, make sure to listen to slowthai and A$AP Rocky’s brand-new single “MAZZA”.