MAZZA – [Slowthai] ft. [A$AP Rocky]

There are very few songs that get write-ups from me twice, but then again, there are very few artists, if any at all, that are like Slowthai. There is just something about him that not only makes his songs captivating, controversial, and compelling, but his music videos seem to push the boundaries far beyond what is normally socially acceptable.

Early last week, he teamed up with none other than A$AP Rocky to deliver a brand-new single off of his upcoming album TYRON entitled “MAZZA”. Ever since, I’ve basically had this record on repeat, so when he surprised fans a few days ago with an insane new music video for the track, I couldn’t help but double down and write about the insane and creative visual directed by THE REST. Right off the bat, the way the camera zooms in and becomes hazy and distorted makes you feel as if you’re spiraling deep into an acid trip, which is something I’m sure Thai and Rocky can agree with considering they start acting extremely peculiar out of nowhere after taking a bite out of what must’ve been a rotten apple. Both artists are in their own rooms inside of a hotel, and as a bellhop shows up to Thai’s room with room service, Thai looks out as if someone is watching him and plotting something against him.

Later on, he begins to go crazy, ripping his shirt off and running around the room, throwing various objects and creating a mess before heading over to the fish tank for one of my personal favorite shots in the video. The ball lands in Rocky’s court after Thai looks out of his window, transferring the camera into Rocky’s room and sending him flying back onto the bed in shock. During this portion of the video, Rocky seems to have lost touch with reality, stumbling around his room confused as he looks at his hands that are mysteriously covered in blood prior to even more streaks of blood dripping down from the ceiling onto the wall. Finally, the video ends with both artists exhausted and passed out on the beds in their own rooms that have been destroyed throughout this rambunctious miniature movie.

Whether you’re a fan of Slowthai or not somehow, I have legitimately never seen a music video from him that left me disappointed. If you’ve ever tuned in to any of his previous offerings in the past, you’ll know what I mean, and this visual definitely didn’t leave me dissatisfied even slightly. While I never know exactly what’s happening and all the randomness leads to some chaotic moments, I think this is a testament to how creative and out of the box he thinks which is undeniably something that other artists need to take note of 100%. TYRON is probably one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year for me personally, and every single song he has released thus far has gotten me more and more amped to hear it in its entirety. If you’ve been listening to “MAZZA” since it released about a week ago, the music video is even more essential, so peep the visual below as soon as you’ve finished reading this sentence.