MazeRunner – [Ronnie Rage]

Out of all the up-and-coming artists I’ve found out about over the years, Ronnie Rage is probably one of the most exciting artists on my radar, and after listening to his music, it should excite you just as much. Just a couple of months ago, Ronnie released his latest project Born Outside which featured songs like “Doing Too Much” and “Kiki’s Revenge”, and while I knew his singles were incredible, I was curious to see how he’d hold up on an entire project.

After listening, it was clear that he not only had a variety of skills in his toolbox, but he also had such an intriguing, captivating story that made fans go crazy and want to learn even more about him. While he has always seemed to be an artist who wears his heart on his sleeve and doesn’t avoid talking about introspective, personal topics in his music, this is no different in his latest song “MazeRunner”, where he gets more vulnerable and intimate than ever, contributing to a song that you don’t want to miss out on.

Alongside this track comes a music video directed by X Ray Productions with VFX by Goood Dylan, and the results are even better than I could’ve expected. Although the bulk of the video is basically Ronnie galivanting around in the forest, the end result is much deeper than that. It almost feels like he is searching for something and struggling to find what he is looking for, whether it’s physically in front of him or an end result he’s searching for in his own head. At the end of the day, I think that this is definitely a metaphor that relates to the song’s title, and he has this maze in his head that he’s struggling to navigate through in order to find clarity and peace of mind.

Even with such a clean and simplistic video, the animations and edits remind me of a similar style that Lonewolf would use, and that’s not an easy feature to pull off, so I give Goood Dylan all the props in the world for bringing some new life into this music video. Ronnie Rage doesn’t seem to be slowing down for even a second, so I can’t recommend getting in tune with him any more than I already have, and “MazeRunner” is the perfect place to start, so make sure peep the brand-new song and video as soon as you find some time.