Mazel Tron – [BLP Kosher] x [BabyTron]

BLP Kosher is an artist out of Florida whose name has been bubbling in both the underground hip-hop community and in circles in the music industry, there are a ton of people interested in him right now, and today we are back with a brand new Lyrical Lemonade music video for BLP’s record titled “Mazel Tron” featuring Detroit leader BabyTron. Considering that this is the LL debut for BLP, and his introduction to a massive audience that may not be in tune with him just yet, it’s a perfect combination that he’s teaming up with BabyTron here.

When you think about what helped get BabyTron from a local Michigan musician to a worldwide known superstar, it’s the fact that the delivery of his punchline-heavy bars is always on point and usually makes people laugh or raise an eyebrow. With that thought in mind, when you sit back and analyze BLP Kosher’s career up to this point, he has a good amount of similarities to BabyTron.

As you probably expected, these two came through with a boatload of punchline bars in this fun music video, it came out perfect & I believe this will be the launching pad to push his musical career to the stratosphere. Take some time out of your Friday and check out this new visual below!