Mayhem – [Kody Lavigne]

Kody Lavigne is an artist I just found out about no more than a month ago when he teamed up with Overcast for a music video for his song “need melatonin”, and ever since I have been a fan. The growing hyperpop scene is constantly flourishing and I find out about new artists literally every day, but it takes a lot for an artist to truly stand out, yet Kody is a talent who I have admired since the moment I first heard his music. While he is still making a name for himself in this competitive yet prominent subgenre of music, I’m beyond excited to talk about his most recently released song entitled “Mayhem” because it’s a banger in every sense of the word.

Produced by Theogotit, Bart How, and Nest, there are some very pungent 808s in the instrumental that combines with a lighthearted, electronic-forward melody as well as percussion that sets up the perfect tempo for him to show off his skills, and I think it’s yet another flawless track that is only going to strengthen his already impressive discography. As he begins to sing the hook, his vocals come through confidently yet relaxed, seeming as if he’s not putting too much effort into his delivery while allowing his natural talents to shine through perfectly. His flows seem effortlessly impeccable as if he doesn’t overthink them or force anything while letting them roll off of his tongue naturally, leading to some amazing bars that are impressive and prove exactly why he’s a force to be reckoned with in this booming genre.

In the verse, he quickens his cadence up and shows off his versatility, never repeating a flow he used in order to keep things constantly fresh and different. While listening, I can’t help but compare his vocals to that of the late, great Juice WRLD because he has a similar melancholic sound that is combined with a sense of prominence and perseverance, and that’s not a comparison I would ever use lightly. If you’re not familiar with Kody Lavigne quite yet, you need to get in tune as soon as possible, and I firmly believe that “Mayhem” is the perfect song you need to hear in order to get reeled into his sonic repertoire once and for all.