MAYDAY – [My Favorite Color]

At this point in time, I’ve probably known about my Favorite Color for the better part of a year. In this time, I have become more and more impressed with the Pittsburgh native with every additional drop because he constantly brings things to the table that I’m not expecting, and this innovation never fails to impress me. So many artists in this day and age seem to put out the same type of music and visuals because they know their fans will eat it up, but I think one of the things that MFC does is consistently think outside of the box, bringing new sounds to the party with every new single that come accompanied by even more intricate and impressive visuals.

All of these things combined with his always captivating personality keep me excited to come back for more, and considering he has yet to let me down even slightly, I don’t see my fandom ending anytime soon. Although his songs are constantly in my personal rotation, he is back with a brand-new track entitled “MAYDAY” as well as another incredible Devontae Bennett-directed visual that you need in your life sooner rather than later.

As it begins, MFC sits down on a couch and turns on the television which takes him through a variety of different scenes as he surfs different channels. The first comes when he is kidnapped by a group of individuals who eventually throw him in their trunk to take him somewhere he clearly doesn’t want to be. Later on, he somehow escapes the back of the car and makes a run for it but finds himself at the dead-end of an alley. Another scene shows him taking the lead in the cockpit of an airplane, flying through the skies without a worry in sight as his co-pilot assists him in his flight duties.

Finally, one of the most colorful portions is upon us as MFC dons a light blue Dumb and Dumber-inspired tuxedo and performs for an audience that is full of differently dressed versions of the Pittsburgh emcee. All of these scenes are so vibrant and amazing, and they’re only heightened by comic book-like animations that really tie this whole video together. My Favorite Color doesn’t miss, and I can say that confidently especially after the release of his latest single “MAYDAY”, making it a song and video combination you need to tune into as soon as you find some time.