Maybe That’s Just It – [Papichuloteej]

Papichuloteej returns with an early 2022 summer anthem entitled “Maybe That’s Just It!” I’m really hoping this will be the year that we receive a full project or some sort from Teej. If you’ve been a frequent listener of the Las Vegas crooner over the past couple of years you’ll notice something different about the past couple of singles he’s released. They’ve been a lot more vibrant and bright and falling in a rock-pop space with the type of sound he’s been going for. I had a brief discussion about this record with Papichuloteej via email and he feels as if he’s writing and creating some of the best music he’s ever made. Maybe this is a testament to how much of a good headspace he’s in because when he first was releasing music most of the singles had a somber tone. Pushed the right way I can see “Maybe That’s Just It” catching wind and being a solid start to 2022 for Teej.

Stream Papichuloteej’s new upbeat single “Maybe That’s Just It” after the break below.