Maybe Not – [Unusual Demont]

Though Valentine’s Day has come and gone, many of us are still perpetually ensnared in love’s mercurial throes. Not me, but like I’m sure some of the people reading this are – which is why it feels important to shed a light on Unusual Demont’s newest single “Maybe Not”. It’s been a minute since our king dropped HUES last September, and since then it seems like Mr. Demont has spent all that time honing his sound into something refreshingly unique. Providing listeners with a bittersweet blend of pop, hip-hop, and R&B – Unusual Demont flexes both his vocal and storytelling chops on a story wrought with romantic uncertainty and Batman references. The beat is fun and sounds like ambient Wii menu music which I have a clear weak-spot for – and Unusual Demont’s singing and rapping both sound stronger than they ever have before. “Maybe Not” marks the first release of the year from the young multi-hyphenate, so can fans expect a new project soon from Demont? It’s too early to tell, but I’m sure that when our king drops again I’ll be rushing another article into the LL drafts to ensure that my fellow Unusual Demont stans can stay in the loop.

Check out Unusual Demont’s “Maybe Not” below: