MaxiMax has one of my new favorites in “Problem Child.”

I’ve thankfully stumbled upon MaxiMax’s latest track, “Problem Child,” and I’m hooked. Hailing from the DMV, he brings a unique style that instantly resonated with my listening habits – his own variation of a style that I think can take his music to the next level of popularity.

“Gotta hold on keep on thuggin’, you a king, you not a pawn.”

What struck me immediately was MaxiMax’s raspy, drawn-out vocal tone. It’s a style that reminds me of some of the finest artists from Detroit like Babyface Ray, Veeze, and Icewear Vezzo, whom both myself and Maxi seem to be avid listeners of. I’m always drawn to music with slower deliveries, and MaxiMax’s is right up my alley. It’s gritty, raw, and carries a sense of authenticity that’s hard to come by. It almost gives a hint of Dave East in that sense, too.

“Problem Child” is a prime example of MaxiMax’s artistry at its best. His bars provide a wise and articulate feel that beautifully complements the dreary, yet enticing, sound of the track. Each line feels carefully crafted, adding depth and substance to the song. I found myself nodding along to his lyrics, appreciating the lyrical depth on top of the sheer attractive sound.

The music video, shot by housepartii, is a great visual representation of MaxiMax’s day-to-day reality, and it’s done with a cinematic touch that doesn’t overshadow the song itself. It’s not flashy, but it effectively captures the energy of the track. The visuals sync seamlessly with the mood MaxiMax sets in his music, something often overlooked with artists formulating a visual.

Overall, I am incredibly impressed with MaxiMax and with tracks like “Problem Child,” I can see him making a significant splash in his respective region and beyond. He’s already built a solid east-coast following, but I have no doubt that his fan base is about to expand exponentially. His unique blend of sounds sets him apart in the hip-hop landscape. “Problem Child” has easily become one of my favorite discovered tracks in recent weeks, and I can’t wait to see what MaxiMax brings to the table in the future. Watch and listen to “Problem Child” on YouTube below!