Max Subar – [Max Subar]

One of the perks of being a writer is that you’ll receive submissions from extraordinary talent(s) that you hadn’t known before. Such is the case of the talented artist Max Subar, a Chicago, Illinoisan with an alt-folk edge. In 2019, Subar opened up for Quinn Christopherson, aka the NPR Tiny Desk winner. Subar intends to craft songs that illuminate the unseen, intimately expressing his inner self. As a result, Subar places honesty at the forefront of his creative process, extending an invitation of companionship to the listener. Subar’s third and latest release titled Max Subar is a six-track EP, produced and recorded (in 2019) with contributions from close friends. The project juxtaposes his solo songwriting with a single guitar, along with a wider palette of instruments and sonic landscapes. To Subar, the making of the EP served as personal trials for clarity. Since some songs were written long before others, each track provides its own unique moment(s) and/or realizations from relationships, as well as how Subar relates to others. The collective result very much influences how Subar visualizes himself, connecting pieces for self-understanding. From start to finish, the entire project offers a refreshing ambient sound; Subar’s chilled vocals soothingly align with the gentle and organic instrumentation.

In case you needed another reason to check out the EP, all Bandcamp earnings in August will go to Sista Afya, a Chicago-based nonprofit organization with the mission of sustaining the mental wellness of Black women. Sista Afya achieves their mission through community building, knowledge sharing, and connecting Black women to quality mental health services. The organization specifically offers subsidized services and support through individual and group therapy, community workshops, and collective outreach. Stream Max Subar, the latest release from Max Subar below!

Words by Brandon Washington