Master Roshi – [AKTHESAVIOR]

Commonly known for his discography with his “The Underachievers” counterpart Issa Gold, AKTHESAVIOR has demonstrated that he is equally as talented as a solo artist. For instance, AK’s two Blessings In The Grey mixtapes, released in 2014 and 2016 respectively, combine for a total of twenty-one total tracks. Songs such as “Angel Eyes,” Scottie Pippen,” “Pieces Of A Dream,” “Route 66,” “Winner,” and “Sun Child” are notable favorites that I find myself revisiting often. More recently, the Flatbush, Brooklyn native ambitiously collaborated with Leon Fanourakis a Yokohama, Japan rapper for a project titled FLATBU$H ¥EN. From an analytical standpoint, the strength in AK’s rapping lies in his confident unrelenting flow, which I personally believe is top-tier among his rap peers. However, those familiar with AKTHESAVIOR and The Underachievers know it is their spiritual, thought-provoking subject matter that predominates their body of work.

For his latest solo release, AK dropped “Master Roshi,” maintaining the tradition of gifting a song for his fans during the week of his [29th]  birthday. The production is melodic, but the bass is booming, fitting the description of a low-key banger. Lyrics such as “Every day I be countin’ my blessings, now my spirit controllin’ this vessel, I just hope that I go where I’m destined, let the Universe teach me her lessons…” are highlighted portions of the record where AK delves onto his signature philosophical tip. Self-proclaiming himself as “the new age (Tupac) Shakur with the message,” it is clear that no one can strip AKTHESAVIOR’s determination nor assurance in his own ability. Stream “Master Roshi,” the latest single from AKTHESAVIOR below!

Words by Brandon Washington