Masks – [Lovsky]

Although it took a friend of mine to put me onto Lovsky’s music a few months back, I have had the privilege of getting to know her personally over social media ever since, and I must say that she has some exciting things coming in the near future. While she often posts covers of songs that include her own unique flair and shows off her diverse talents that are honestly unbelievable in my own opinion, her original records are a bit harder to come by.

While they might be few and far between, Lovsky doesn’t take her music lightly at all and she’s one of the few artists left that truly takes a real-life experience, good or bad, and uses that as fuel for her songs. Although it’s been a few months since her last original release, the wait for her latest song “Masks” was well worth it to say the least, and now that it’s in our hands to take in and indulge, I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you as well.

Mike Snell and Mosaic Music produced this track beginning with some slow, almost somber piano keys that play out for a good majority of the first verse before being met with slightly livelier, moving synths and drums during the chorus that not only differentiate between the parts but create this incredible build-up that truly captivates you more than ever before. While the production is powerful, it’s also very simplistic which allows Lovsky’s talents and narrative to control the track while giving her the freedom to make it her own, not having to conform to a specifically preconceived idea of what the song should sound like.

Although her words come off softly and she carefully curates each word in order to make sure her message can’t be misconstrued by any listener out there, you can just feel the passion and emotion that is carrying her all the way from the beginning to the end of the record, and because this is based on a true experience of hers, you can just tell how authentic the overall song is, understanding that this type of pain and confusion she went through is something that couldn’t be fabricated by even the most seasoned actor.

Along with this incredible hit comes a music video that is shot and even edited by Lovsky herself, so although it shouldn’t be surprising to those who are familiar with her previous work, it’s obvious that she can do it all, and she can do it all WELL. For the bulk of the visual, she is driving around in her car at night as she seems to contemplate where things went wrong with the relationship she’s referring to. Many of the shots contain a blurred filter while others even look like you’re watching her in 3D without 3D glasses, an effect that I can only assume represents the fact that with all of the thoughts racing through her head, she is having trouble focusing and finding herself once again. While there are many other moments, one of my favorite parts is how the lyrics are displayed at the bottom of the screen, because you can read her words as she sings them which, at least for me, help reemphasize the confused and raw relationship that she’s singing about.

I always feel almost bad writing about the music that Lovsky puts out because it’s so abundantly clear that she puts so much thought and time into these records that my words can’t even come close to doing the music justice. At the same time, though, the music is so stellar that I can’t help but give it my best effort because people need to start waking up and realizing all the incredible music that she’s been putting out that they’ve been missing out on. When I asked her specifically what this song was about, she sent me the following:

“This song is for anyone that got tangled up in the idea of someone and then had to endure rejection. I wrote this one about an online dating situation I had where things felt one way over text, but a whole other way in person. That’s how the title Masks came about; I felt like the initial rendezvous I had with this new person was a facade because I couldn’t help but think if I was being funny enough or smart enough, and I usually am just myself. He also seemed like he was trying too hard. So, we were both hiding behind masks, not showing authenticity. As bothersome as this process was, I learned that it served as a stepping stone to achieving more self-love, empowerment, and a boss lady mentality. It got me noticing how much we can blame ourselves for stuff that actually has nothing to do with us. If you have to convince someone of your worth, they’re not for you. If they show you their fickleness, let them go. There are too many cool people out there praying for someone like you to come along, ready to accept all your quirks and imperfections.”

While this specific situation might not relate to every single person in the world, everyone can definitely understand the situation and relate it to a moment in their life where something similar happened to them, so I think at the end of the day, everyone can not only interpret her message, but they can benefit from the story that Lovsky shared on this single. Obviously, I hope that eventually down the line we get a full, cohesive project at some point, but either way, I’m just beyond excited to see Lovsky continue to transform and grow as an artist and a person in general, and you should be too. So, with that being said, if you’re somehow still sleeping on the unbelievably talented songstress, musician, and storyteller known as Lovsky, please let “Masks” be your wake-up call.