Mary’s Lies – [Lou Berry] ft. [Eylia]

As genre lines become more fluid with time, it seems like musicians and listeners alike have grown more concerned with the mood or vibe of a song rather than just consuming or creating within one narrow genre-defined boundary. This continuous trend in music has led artists to experiment with fusing together sounds that craft something that’s uniquely theirs, and Parisian artist Lou Berry proves to be one such artist on his latest song, “Mary Lies”.

Joined by soulful vocalist Eylia, the two artists come across as masters of mood on this understated, jazzy new cut that explores an intimate encounter with heartbreak and loneliness as the result of a breakup. Berry creates vivid moments inspired by these emotions, relying on mesmerizing harmonies and smooth live instrumentation to give life to his equally imaginative songwriting. The song swirls and builds in circles, and the lush layers of different instruments and vocals end up creating a dizzying, disorienting effect that simulates a temporary escape from reality. It’s in this other world that the song reconciles the emotions of a love that has been lost, and in the process, Berry and Eylia put a unique spin on a story we’ve all encountered or heard before.