Marigold (Official Video)-[Jelani Aryeh]

Each time I get the chance to write about Jelani Aryeh, it’s always a blessing that I don’t take lightly. Artists like this don’t come around too often, so any time he releases a song or gives us any type of content, it is imperative that we take notice. Fresh off of his Zane Lowe interview, this San Diego, California native is attacking this new year with excitement and passion with a new slate of music ready to be released.

Just this week, Jelani released his newest track; an offering called, “Marigold” that is truly one of his best to date. So far, the reception from fans and tastemakers has been exceptional which is just a testament to Jelani’s ability to create art that connects with people for different reasons. What I love most about this well established talent is his knack for color. In each of his songs; it’s so easy to associate his music with the colorful soundscape that he creates. When listeners check out his music, it is impossible not experience the light that he exudes. From just a song standpoint, Marigold is a stunning one. Jelani’s vocals have never sounded better and the production always sets the tone in the best way possible.

What’s even better about this release so that Jelani and his team just dropped an amazing music video for the song that is truly a spectacle to say the least. A dreamy vibe that will captivate you from the moment, this visual is everything you’d want when it comes to the energy of the offering as a whole. I’ve attached the YouTube link down below, so give this one a watch and let us know what you think!