Netherlands creation TWNTYFOUR is back with another intriguing single titled “Maria.” TWNTYFOUR with assistance from singer/songwriter Mikey100k combine for a beautiful joint that mixes the best aspects of multiple genres; electronic, pop, and R&B. Though sometimes unfair to compare artists and songs, I definitely felt a sort of Travis Scott energy when I first heard the track.

“Girl why you leave me? Group texts, all of your girlfriends said you didn’t need me.” The track tells a story of a lost lover, “Maria,” who doesn’t reciprocate the energy given to her in the relationship. The piece acts as a plea for answers, with the sense of a lack of closure on the woman’s end. The joint writing of the two artists provide a brilliant storyline that allow the listener to be drawn in even further to the song than they already were by the mystifying electronic vocals.

The two artists working together on this piece meshed flawlessly, and as they both continue to expand their work and audiences look for them to continue to work together in the future. TWNTYFOUR continues to impress song after song, and has definitely developed both a fan in myself, and a large following across borders as well.

Stream “Maria” below!