March 12th – [Joey Purp]

Photo: Nolis Anderson (@nolis

It’s been a minute since we last heard from Joey Purp on a track by himself, and judging by his newest song, he’s had a lot on his mind since then. The SaveMoney affiliate returns in full effect on “March 12th”, letting us know that he hasn’t missed a step since his 2016 breakthrough tape, “iiiDrops”.

His experiences since then help form the spine of this track, as he reflects on relationships and other aspects of his life that have changed. “The pressure of the game got me feeling like Bron Bron”, he admits, letting off steam about the high expectations that have been placed on his shoulders. Donn Robb comes through with drums that knock hard enough to shake a whole stadium, a fitting backdrop for Purp’s heavy-hitting, introspective bars. We haven’t heard this much from Purp in a while, and he seems very aware of that as he packs as much of himself as he can into these 3-and-a-half minutes. What’s next from him remains uncertain, but if “March 12th” is any indication, it’s likely to be worth the wait.