Maniac – [Landon Cube] ft. [Anthony Ortiz]

If you’re a fan of Lyrical Lemonade and have been following along with some of the regulars we consistently feature on the website, Landon Cube should be someone you’re all too familiar with. He has run the gamut of so many different styles throughout his young yet already fruitful career, and fans have been flocking in his direction for years, at this point. Landon can do it all from hardcore rock to more indie, introspective ballads, but there is never a shortage of skill or effort in his music which makes me constantly come back for more every time he drops something new.

Most recently, Landon teamed up with Anthony Ortiz for their latest song “Maniac”, and while this is definitely pushing the limits of the stylistic choices he has made over the past few years, it turned out unbelievably well and I couldn’t be more excited. Produced by the two emcees as well as Jonny Ransom, they utilize a super heavy, rock-filled guitar melody with crashing percussion and pungent drums, giving them a foundation that is as punk as it gets. The chorus is sort of split up amongst the two artists, opening with Anthony whose voice contains some gritty filter over his words, elevating the granular feel of this track.

When Landon comes in, he doesn’t hold back whatsoever, releasing every last bit of emotion into the microphone for an energetic and attention-grabbing close out to the hook. Anthony then brings things back down to Earth with a calm yet captivating verse that leads us right back into the chorus before Landon goes in for his verse. When this happens, he calms himself as well when comparing this part to the hook, but his emotion and sentiment is still abundant, leaving us with a fully encompassing song that is going to be an instant addition to your playlist once you hear “Maniac” in all of its glory for yourself.