mangalica mink – [Blvck Svm]

Up-and-coming artists ask me for advice all the time, and while I’ve been in this industry for a few years, my feedback might seem fairly basic at times. The main thing I tell them is that consistency is key, so whether it’s releasing music and videos, posting on social media, or just getting into a creative routine to continue to build on your skills, doing so on a regular basis will pay off dividends before you even know it. If you as Blvck Svm, I think he’d have to agree. I say this because after graduating from the prestigious University of Chicago 4 years ago, the South Florida-born emcee found himself at a crossroads once he lost his job due to the pandemic.

Deciding whether he should move back home and apply to graduate schools or really dive into his music and see what comes of it, he went with the latter and figured now is the time to chase his dreams and really go all in. When he made this decision a couple of years ago, he went on a streak of releasing new music bi-weekly or tri-weekly in order to never let listeners ever forget about him, and it’s a tactic that has paid off entirely after all of the success and nearly 650,000 monthly listeners he has accumulated on Spotify alone. Well, despite the little knowledge I have on the rising phenom, I had to check out his recent project mangalica mink because anyone with the rise-and-grind kind of work ethic that Svm has definitely deserves a listen in my book.

Although there are just 7 songs on this project, it spans almost 19 minutes long and contains features from none other than Valee and Isaac Zale, so you know that Svm was going to put his best foot forward and go all out to make this one an unforgettable effort. After all, even though he may have regularly dropped music throughout the year, the only other cohesive project that he dropped as an EP back in March alongside Sebastian Kamae, and with the fact that he showed out for that handful of songs, this was a tape that I could wait to tap in with.

On the outside looking in, there is nothing flashy about Svm, which not only differentiates him from other emcees all over the world, but it also mitigates any of the distractions that could take away from his sheer talent. His bars are often spoken with a straightforward style that veers away from the taboo sounds that other emcees resort to and allows you to focus on his lyricism 100%, and with the number of intricate cadences and one-of-a-kind bars he incorporates into his music, there isn’t a single moment of this project that comes up short or falls flat.

I think it says so much when an emcee can simply display their skills without needing to do something outrageous to grab your attention, and Svm’s even-keeled, low-key persona is more than enough to grab your attention by the throat and choke slam you into a world of Svm’s unmatched imagination. I truly believe that Blvck Svm is on another wavelength, and mangalica mink is exactly what I needed to hear in order to stop sleeping and show the Chicago-by-way-of-Florida spitter all of the respect and attention that he has earned throughout his tenure in the music business.