Maneuver Pt 2 – [26AR] [Rocko Ballin]

The next generation of NYC rap is in good hands right now, and “Maneuver 2” is here to prove it. On one hand, we have 26AR, whose hard-nosed style has become synonymous with the ever-expanding New York drill sound, packed with an energetic but tightly-wound punch. On the other hand, we have Rocko Ballin – a walking hook, and a melody-driven talent whose voice fits like a glove over any sound, any style, and any beat. Separately, the two have grown to become some of the leaders in NY’s current landscape of talent, while together, they’ve blessed the city with some of its finest collaborations to date, most recently in the form of “Maneuver Pt 2.”

Following up the massive response to the first edition of “Maneuver,” 26AR and Rocko Ballin’s latest is a reminder that as far as the two talents have come on their own, they’re also here to shine together, forming super team collaborations on a consistent basis. The resulting force is an undeniable sense of synergy happening amongst two of NYC’s brightest names, not to mention the development of an untouchable hit-making formula to lead the way: 26AR on the verses to set the tone, and Rocko on the hook to break things up and tie the song together. The chemistry between the two feels like a perpetual alley-oop, cementing “Maneuver 2” as the proof in the pudding: NYC has something to say, and 26AR and Rocko are here to deliver the message.

Peep “Maneuver Pt 2” below, and if you haven’t already, check out 26AR’s masterful new song, “6 Foot 7 Foot” (with a sample that we all know too well), as well as Rocko Ballin’s soulful new song, “GRATEFUL.” If anyone has next, it’s these two.