Man Man – [My Favorite Color] ft. [Valee]

When I’m in the mood for something completely off the walls and unexpected, I know to look no further than Pittsburgh’s very own My Favorite Color. MFC captured my admiration from the very first time I came across his music, and while other emcees have underwhelmed me as I continued tapping in with their creations, MFC has done quite the opposite. He is just a visionary in my opinion because he thinks of ways to deliver a diverse selection of sounds, visuals, and ways of conveying his personality while still remaining consistent across his releases.

What I mean by this is that even though they may sound completely different and totally unique, you can listen to his whole discography blindly and know these tracks are coming from the same talent which always keeps his drops fresh and exciting. Most recently, MFC teamed up with one of my favorite hometown emcees Valee for their Cam Raleigh-produced track “Man Man”, an off-kilter, one-of-a-kind track that just further diversifies the rising emcee’s arsenal of jams.

His bars are filled with incredibly intelligent wordplays and even more innovative flows, both of which are things that I knew he was always capable of, but just when I expect him to run out of ideas and recycle some of his old lines, he shocks and impresses me once again. Valee’s verse is as impressive as we would ever expect from the Windy City performer, but in all honesty, it just feels like his minimalistic approach can get overshadowed by MFC’s ridiculously imaginative approach to this record.

Nonetheless, it’s a quick verse that I was still a fan of, but it’s truly hard to dwell on his contribution when MFC showed out the way he did. Alongside this track comes an animated Austin Linkinhoker-directed visual that I can just say isn’t your typical day at school, making it a one-two punch that you need to peep as soon as you get the opportunity!