Man in the Mirror – [Boobie Lootaveli]

Boobie Lootaveli has long been one of my favorite acts in the entire underground scene, and my admiration for his music seems to only grow stronger with every additional release he puts out. I was first put onto Boobie’s music through his work with Pouya, and it was here that I actually clued in on the smooth, unforced flow that seemed to just glide over any instrumental that was thrown his way.

This led to a string of EPs from the duo that seemed to get better with each listen, and it made me realize that not only does Pouya have a knack for putting new and amazing artists on, but Boobie has such a captivating way with words that he can’t go unnoticed for any longer. Even though listeners are still sleeping on the up-and-coming legend way more than they should be, I know exactly the kind of talents that he possesses, and I’m not going to let those go by the wayside for even a second.

When I saw he dropped his song “Man in the Mirror” at the end of last week, I couldn’t wait to tap in, and once I did, I knew exactly what I wanted to say. The song itself, produced by Mikey the Magician, contains a cheery, almost old school reggaeton sound that combines with rattling percussion subdued yet punchy drums that Boobie absolutely destroys with his smooth, buttery delivery. In the Nicolas Giraldo-directed music video, Boobie begins his day on the porch with some homies smoking a blunt before heading inside to actually look at the man in the mirror, as the title of the song suggests.

From here, he shows exactly how luxurious of a life he lives, being beckoned to a pool by a group of stunning women whom he rightfully obeys, jumping right into the beautiful pool shortly after their calls. Things aren’t always sunshine and rainbows for him, though, because he ends up finishing the video by hopping in a car with his homies to go hit a lick at another lavish mansion, ending things on a high note without a doubt. Boobie Lootaveli is someone I not only respect, but I bump regularly throughout the day, and he’s definitely someone who deserves much more recognition than what he currently receives, making “Man in the Mirror” a mandatory listen whenever you find some time.