Mama’s House – [My Favorite Color]

My Favorite Color has been crafting some of the most imaginative releases that I have ever witnessed throughout the past few years and considering they’re always over the top and executed so incredibly well, I am past questioning if he will ever run out of ideas because that’s just impossible at this point. Whether it’s his diverse songs, mesmerizing music videos, or simply his compelling persona, MFC checks all the boxes for what it means to be an artist, and I really wish that other rising musicians would take note.

His songs are always a spectacle in and of themselves, but his music videos are things that I can never pass up no matter how late to the party I may end up being. Today, I realized that I missed out on a music video for his ZAYALLCAPS and KEEM THE CIPHER-produced song “Mama’s House” that dropped just about a week ago, but I didn’t let my self-disappointment or self-reproach prevent me from enjoying every single second of this release that takes us through what I would imagine is the worst nightmare for anyone bringing their significant other to meet their parents.

After knocking on the door and being greeted by MFC’s lovely, cheery mother, his date seems to want no part in this which begs MFC to scream the hook of the song (“Bitch, this my mama house!”) in her face constantly. His mom catches on quickly, giving her the benefit of the doubt even after making distasteful faces when the girl looks the other way. Following some unsuccessful bonding over some family pictures, they head to the dinner table where MFC’s girl refuses to eat his mom’s homemade meal, causing him to run for the hills as his mom beats some sense into the clueless guest.

Upon his return, he is confused that his girl isn’t at the table where she was before, but after looking, he realizes that the harsh but fair punishment worked as his invitee was doing the dishes with a smile on her face. Considering this whole flick is based on sitcoms like Family Matters, there is even a laugh track that ties everything together, and it’s these details that truly make this music video a must-see regardless of your knowledge, or lack thereof thus far, when it comes to My Favorite Color’s music.