Mama’s Boy – [$K]

As much as I try to keep things current, featuring recently released songs, sometimes I can’t catch everything when it first drops. On the one hand, I get the need for “new” music, but, also, just because something is a few weeks or months old, doesn’t mean it isn’t worthy of more ears. Dope music doesn’t have an expiration date!

With that in mind, take a second to check out $K’s project, Mama’s Boy.

Initially released in January, Mama’s Boy has been pulling me away from all my new music duties. Even worse (or..I guess…better), it’s not just one song either. Thanks in large part to some cohesive production — $K does a phenomenal job of building his own environment with some dense, atmospheric instrumentals — and a 26 minute run time, Mama’s Boy flows so well and is so easy to get lost in. The L.A. native impresses on the mic with a style that is surprisingly dexterous when you factor in his deep, raspy vocals. Syncing up the ebbs and flows of the production, it’s hard to nail $K down to one cadence or approach, which keeps things interesting all the way through; he’s not rapping on a beat so much as working with it to create a bigger feel.

Mama’s Boy definitely one of the cooler, more unique projects I’ve listened to this year and is more than worthy of your attention. Be sure to throw him a follow (@RIKKDARULAH) if you are feelin’ it.

Better late than never, right?!

Standout cuts: “GlauKoma,” “Random$,” “Hade$”