Mama I Made It – [Lil Randy]

I apologize because I am a couple of weeks late to this post, but not too long ago rising Chicagoan Lil Randy released an amazing new song + music video for his track called “Mama I Made It”. Much love to the homie Lil Jake for putting me onto this record, it starts off with a video clip of him recording the news while the anchors + a sheriff spoke about an arrest of his that happened in the past (which gave me Shoreline Mafia vibes), before a soulful instrumental (that is a playoff of another artist who we will not name) began to play matched by Lil Randy truly amazing singing voice. This is a straight-up inspiring record, Lil Randy proved to me on this record that he can be a future star within the city, he is well on his way + I am looking forward to what he does moving forward. Please do yourself a favor + watch this brand new music video below!

Directed by Rickee Arts