Make No Sense – [Offset Jim] ft. [Babyface Ray]

Offset Jim is an artist I literally just found out about a few weeks ago, but I already know I’m late to the game. The Oakland spitter has been at it for a while and has been lighting the West Coast music scene on fire, so considering I love this region of rap music, I was beyond excited to find out about all of the amazing music he has been bringing into the world. While the Michigan music scene can often be closely compared to the West Coast scene with some candid, straightforward bars full of wordplays and attitude, it only makes sense when artists from these two places work together, and when I found out that Jim teamed up with Babyface Ray for their song “Make No Sense”, I was beyond thrilled.

Not only this, but they released a Creating Paradise-directed music video in order to hype up his upcoming album Rich off the Pack, a project that is going to feature this amazing song on it, so you already know it’s going to be a hit. In the beat, there is a very calm, almost elevator music-inspired melody before chattering percussion and deep 808s quickly come into the picture, complimented with a horn that sounds randomly throughout, providing an awesome base for Jim and Ray to go absolutely crazy.

Now, if you know anything about these artists, you know that they let their flows and deliveries do the talking without having to get too animated, and this record is no different. When Jim goes in, he remains calm, cool, and collected as he lets the lines pour out of his mouth and into the microphone, never elevating his energy but rather remaining even-keeled as he leads us into Ray’s verse.

When Babyface begins to spit, he introduces slightly more enthusiasm without getting too vivacious, providing a bit of differentiation while continuously peppering the beat with his unique and always creative lyricism. Offset Jim is a lowkey legend already, and while we wait for the rest of the world to catch on, “Make No Sense” is the perfect place to begin familiarizing yourself with the Oakland talent before diving head-first into the rest of his incredible music.