Make Me Scared Again – [Lewis Grant]

Speeding through a variety of twisting soundscapes and sonic masterpieces, LA-based artist Lewis Grant’s newest EP, Make Me Scared Again, is a futuristic look into a sound that I don’t know if anyone has really heard yet. This project comes with 5 boundary-pushing tracks in whole, completely different from one another yet all linked by their familiar characteristic of atmospheric production. It’s a memorable listen at the very least, and with the direction that Grant seems to be moving the ball forward, his defining impact on music could very well influence a substantial amount of artists to move music in a new direction. Make Me Scared Again joins forces between Grant, Dylan Brady, Nessly, Lil West, Judge, and Y2K – an interesting list of artists that truly made for a unique piece in whole. Personally, I keep coming back to this project and I seem to find something new that I enjoy every time, so I’d recommend that you do the same and check it out below. Lewis Grant is doing something very interesting right now and it most definitely deserves our attention.