Make a Name – [909memphis] ft. [Mikey Polo]

It has been a bit of time since I last posted about 909memphis, but he has been at the top of my mind recently because I always love to go back and dive into the awesome music he has released not only over the last year, but the last half-decade or so. If you’re not familiar with the DMV native, you should know that Memphy is one of the OG SoundCloud talents that first got me into the underground music scene, and he has never failed to impress me ever since. There may have been multiple different styles and sounds that he has experimented with over the years, some of which I enjoy a bit more than others, but he has never failed to deliver something new, unique, and impressive, consistently standing out to me as a trendsetter and a tastemaker, even if he doesn’t get nearly enough credit for those things.

As the years have gone on, I have even had the pleasure of getting to know him on a more personal level to the point of being able to call him a friend, and if you know anything about this industry, those people aren’t the easiest to come by. Of course, I want to support my friends but I feel like that label also comes with the transparency of being able to be honest and open in order to help them improve, so I won’t just praise everything if I know Memphy can go harder because I know the true potential he is capable of, and I want to see him thrive while creating the type of music that he loves to make.

I feel like recently, he has been on a new level thanks to another experimental take on modern hip-hop, and that is more than obvious when listening to his latest record “Make a Name” featuring Mikey Polo. Produced by Tobi Black, a dreamy, video game-like melody is joined by chattering hats and deep, bouncy 808s that provide a perfect canvas for memphis. As he sings, his words roll off of his tongue with ease, and the passion behind his delivery is something that just takes the level of authenticity within this song to new heights.

In the second verse, Mikey begins with a pretty quick flow that is eventually equalized by a few tuneful lines that are pure yet autotuned in order to match the somewhat digital-inspired sound that this record provides overall. If this is a song that you thoroughly enjoyed, just like I did, you should be excited for the rest of this year because Memphy clued me in on the fact that he is trying to be more consistent than ever by releasing new tracks every couple of weeks, and if that’s somehow not enough to get you excited for the future, then just live in the moment and listen to the amazing new single called “Make a Name” from Nashville by way of Virginia’s very own 909memphis featuring Mikey Polo.