Maintain – [Dave Luv]

Chicago’s own Dave Luv made a splash with his recent release, “Maintain,” a vibrant summer anthem that checks all the boxes of making a modern hit sure to resonate with the new era of hip-hop listeners. “Maintain” is a fun track, with themes of fashion, beautiful women, and partying. Dave’s catchy and melodic delivery perfectly complements the song’s themes, drawing listeners in from various backgrounds and musical preferences. It’s a track that well captures the spirit of youth, and as a now old-head, it brings me back to some of the “good old days.”

The accompanying music video, set in the backdrop of Los Angeles, is a cinematic work (by Mark Barz) that brings Dave’s lyrics to life. It’s an engaging visual, revolving around Dave and his friend spreading the word at UCLA about a house party they’re throwing. The video is a burst of bright colors, humor, stunning women, and plenty of smiles, mirroring the feel of the song impeccably. “Maintain” doesn’t just resonate with its target demographic; it hits the bullseye. Dave Luv’s ability to connect with his audience and show his charisma is on full display here.

Looking through some of Dave’s work, I’m impressed with his versatility and ability to change things up from song to song. Listeners are in luck – he’s set to release “Gunfire,” a new track featuring the talented Reo Cragun on October 26th. Stay tuned, and check out “Maintain” on YouTube below!