Maintain/Anxiety – [Chelsea Reject]

Brooklyn based artist Chelsea Reject is an absolute must-listen to artist. Reject dropped a phenomenal album titled This Is Not My Final Form in April 2019, and recently announced an upcoming deluxe version in January of 2021. The self-proclaimed ‘Daughter of Namek’ revealed that this year has been all about perseverance, as she’s battled anxiety plus a thread of emotions that’ve made it difficult for her to cultivate peace. Her latest offering “Maintain/Anxiety” is a striking visual that captures the chaotic and eventful year she’s had. Accompanied with more introspection than she’d have preferred, Reject pairs two songs to create a dichotomy of maintaining sanity amid the highs and lows fueling her anxiety. Produced by Ismael Jam, “Maintain” is an absolute banger dominated by Chelsea’s rapid flow to reflect her rampant experiences. Anti-government and anti-police themes coincide with the various people that betrayed Reject’s trust, which further-torments her psyche. On the other hand, “Anxiety,” which was produced by Emani, incorporates slow instrumentation to illustrate Reject’s weary mental state. Reflecting on her past, despite her musical success Chelsea admits she still has feelings of regret; even for the circumstances she had little to no control over. Announcing hope for any “real ones” left in the world, Reject knows the step(s) she needs to make for personal fulfillment. Overall both tracks alarmingly capture the importance of mental health as well as the necessity to care for our friends, family, and beyond. By doing so, the world is simply a better place that can instill happiness in the lives of more individuals. Watch the video for “Maintain/Anxiety” below, which was shot/edited by Rubi Hernandez and mixed/mastered by Wizard Lee (of Feet 1st Studios).