Made With Love – [JAMS The Flava Child]

In my line of work, I’m beyond lucky to have an entire group of friends and industry acquaintances who put me on to some unbelievably talented up-and-coming artists that I might not have known about had I not searched for them myself. Most recently, the homie connected me with a promising young rapper who goes by the name of JAMS the Flava Child. An interesting name, to say the least, he lives up to the soulful, smooth, jazzy sound you might expect from someone with a moniker like this, and that’s obvious as soon as you press play on any single one of his songs.

After talking for a bit, he told me I had to check out his latest project entitled Made With Love which was mixed and mastered by E. Dan, so I told him to say less, and I tuned in as soon as I could. Although it’s been out for just about a month, he had been building quite the buzz around it by releasing singles like “All Gas No Breaks” or “AGNB” as the project titles it, “FTW”, and the lead singles entitled “Sunday Morning”. After so many great singles, you knew you were in for a treat when the entire cohesive project was released and JAMS made sure it was quite the spectacle.

Once it was upon us, he delivered 11 songs that ran just short of a half-hour long, making sure that each and every second counted. With features from artists like Avi, Wynton Gage, Maxxine, and Re Alissa, JAMS made sure to carefully select artists who would undeniably elevate the tape without taking away from it even slightly, all while he had more than enough time to showcase his dexterous skills and versatile flows. A standout for me personally was the hard-hitting track “Lemon Tree” where JAMS used a bit more of an assertive flow during his verse while resorting to a bit more of a casual, soothing, go-with-the-flow delivery in the hook. Some other highlights for me personally were songs like “Romaine St.”, “Kush 4 Breakfast”, and “Fannie May”, all of which are a bit closer to his trademark style full of jazzy, soulful notes and smooth, unforced, and natural cadences that transport you to another world where you have nothing to worry about except listening to JAMS straight preach.

JAMS has been seeing some steady success in the past few years, selling out solo shows in Chicago as well as joining Kota the Friend on his sold-out US tour back in 2019. In the press release that JAMS sent with the project itself, he talked about what this tape truly meant to him:

“For the first time, I wasn’t moved by the music I was creating, and I wasn’t able to articulate my thoughts into music. This emotion was the catalyst to a lot of second guessing and soul searching. When I showed E. Dan what I was currently making I was nervous, I thought it wasn’t as good as my last music. But he loved [it], and that validated my new music and gave me all the confidence in the world. My pen was looser, my head was clearer, and it felt like the storm finally ended. I grew so much in the process, I discovered new depths of my love for music. I was proud of the growth and humility I displayed. Life is pain, and sometimes as creatives we shrink ourselves and we let the world get the best of us. But when we are truly ourselves, when we decide to surrender ego and create with love – that’s when we become the best version of ourselves. Made with Love was the canvas for me understanding this, my own personal character arc. I made the foundational decision that even on the darkest of days – I’ll always create with love.”

This project tells you everything you need to know about JAMS and more, which is pretty much the fact that even with a ways to go in his career, he’s off to a promising start that absolutely no one can take away from him. With around 130,000 monthly Spotify listeners, over 312,000 YouTube views, and a constantly growing fanbase, JAMS is an artist you shouldn’t just want to keep an eye on, he’s an artist you NEED to keep an eye on. Made With Love is the perfect place to start, so make sure you take some time to check out the new project as soon as you possibly can.