Mackie & Me – [Jason To Me]

One of music’s greatest and most inimitable capabilities is that of transportation. With the right story and the right sounds to match, music can truly take listeners to far away places, and in this way, it’s an incredibly beautiful medium for artists to share glimpses of their lives through. Perfectly exemplifying this, Jason To Me is back on our pages today with an impeccable new offering, “Mackie & Me”.

Laced with a silky smooth instrumental and supported by the occasional twang of a brass instrument, this offering is able to bring listeners directly into the world of Jason To Me simply with its atmospheric sound and true-to-self lyrics. The budding talent doesn’t hold back in sharing¬†his impassioned vocals, and the way that he’s able to use this attribute as an instrument in and of itself is simply beautiful. That said, “Mackie & Me” is a cohesive, dreamy piece thanks to the way that the singing and production become one, and beyond this, it’s a remarkably impressive piece to add to Jason To Me’s easily-lovable catalog.

I can’t get over how well-executed this song is, but don’t just take my word for it — listen to “Mackie & Me” below and let us know what you think in the comments!