Lyrical Lemonade Presents: The Futura Bloom Q&A

I have been trying to bring in these guys for a conversation for quite some time now, so I am extremely happy to bring you our latest Q&A segment featuring Sly Luke and Ali For The Go. Formerly known as Lucas G and Ali from New Kingz, the artists that we have grown to love are back with a new identity. That’s right ladies and gentleman, they have entered a new chapter of their careers, so be sure to address them as Sly Luke and Ali For The Go from this point on. Lucky for us, they are dropping a brand new project this Friday so I had to bring them in for our latest Q&A segment. Learn a thing or two about the guys below while we continue to wait for the previously mentioned project, and while you’re at it give them a follow below!


EM: When did you first start creating music? *

SL: I first starting creating music around 5th or 6th grade. Just putting lyrics to what I already knew how to do musically with instruments and everything.

ALI: Around the same time, when Apple first came out with Garage Band. Just cooking up with my older cousins

EM: What year did you guys drop your first track? *

SL: 2011 • Mama Raised A King

ALI: 2012 • A track called Jazz, it had a jazzy hip hop beat

EM: What is your earliest memory of music? *

SL: That i can truly remember, just driving around with my grandpa listening to smooth jazz.

ALI: In Church

EM: What/who inspired you to become an emcee? *

SL: Lil Wayne, I heard a lot of tracks from him but more specifically the track “Fire Man”.

ALI: Chance honestly

EM: How would you describe your music to someone who has never listened before? *

SL: Raw. A lot of raw emotion and feeling, whitty-ness with the bars, kind of just an all around package.

ALI: Wavy, just making people catch vibes off of it.

EM: So you just announced that you guys changed monikers, is there any particular reason? *

SL: We felt like New Kingz didn’t fit us as artists. Futura Bloom represents us so much more because it’s all about constantly evolving and growing. New Kingz just really represented a different phase in our lives.

ALI: We simply just leveled up on New Kingz.

EM: Speak on your new project Honey

Both: We spent a lot of time working with Doug E. It’s the first step into our new direction, and this will be the only time you will hear something like this from us. It’s our first time sitting down together and knocking out an entire body of work.

EM: Explain your relationship with Dougy

SL: I met him through Ali, I had heard some tracks he did with Ali. I came home for the summer and me & Ali wrote a track to a Dougy beat. He saw the potential in us and we saw potential in him and that’s bro now.

ALI: I first met through a feature I did for someone that he was working with in 2015, then I had bought some beats from him and we just kept working together.

EM: Who are your top five biggest influences musically? *

SL: Kendrick, J. Cole, Young Thug, Isaiah Rashad, Lupe Fiasco

ALI: Kendrick, 2pac, Chance, Jay-Z, Kanye West

EM: What are your top five favorite albums of all time? *

SL: DAMN., Tha Carter III, The Love Below, Take Care, The Late Registration, Demon Days

ALI: Reasonable Doubt, Tha Carter III, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, Until The End Of Time, 4:44

EM: What are your top five favorite mixtapes of all time? *

SL: Tha Dedication II, Acid Rap, Barter 6, Comfort Zone, The Hurt Everybody E

ALI: Acid Rap, Innaetape, Traphouse Rock, The Water(s), 10 day

EM: What was the first album you ever bought? *

SL: Speakerboxxx/The Love Below

ALI: The Documentary by The Game

EM: Explain your relationship with Glassic?

SL: We tried getting a beat from him before and after he heard what we recorded he thought it was hot as hell and we kept working together.

ALI: We are always just trying to create some next level shit together.

EM: Who are some producers that you guys what to work with in the future?

Both: Mike Will Made it, Metro Boomin, Zaytoven, Monte Booker, Saba, Mike Dean, Kanye

EM: If you could collab with one person dead & alive who would it be? *

SL: Dead: Prince • Alive: Lupe Fiasco

ALI: Alive: Beyonce • Dead: Michael Jackson/2pac

EM: What’s your favorite music video? *

SL: Tha Hustle by Wayne

ALI: Jazz by Mick Jenkins

EM: Whats your favorite movie? *

SL: The 40 Year Old Virgin

ALI: Friday

EM: What are your thoughts on Donald Trump? *

SL: I agree with Ali, it’s just a scary situation. He just capitalized off of mass ignorance.

ALI: Donald Trump is not too dope of a guy.

EM: The National Anthem or The International Players Anthem? *

SL: Internation Platers Anthem haha


EM: What is your favorite song that you have created so far? *

SL: An unreleased song called No Face. I change my opinion from time to time, it depends on I’m feeling.

ALI: Intentionz

EM: Are there any local Chicago artists that you have been listening to? *

SL: The Burns Twins, Iris Temple, Supa

ALI: Rayvn Lenae, Chai Tulani, Femdot

EM: If you had to pick a few bigger name artists that you would like to work with in the future, who would they be? *

SL: Chance, Vic, Saba

ALI: Kendrick, Playboi Carti, Joey Bada$$

EM: What’s your favorite place to get food in Chicago?

SL: Giordanos, Uncle Remus

ALI: Mikkeys

EM: What’s your favorite book? *

SL: African Holistic Health

ALI: Forged By Fire

EM: What can our readers expect from you for the rest of 2017?

Both: Be expecting more of everything from us.

EM: Last question, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

SL: I see us benefitting from our music, dropping the best shit we have ever made, touring and just eating off of what we have been doing.

ALI: Reaping the benefits of our hard work