Lyrical Lemonade Premieres: UFO Fev – Wash The Bills

Spanish Harlem-born emcee UFO Fev is bringing back real rap with his new single “Wash The Bills.” The rising artist teamed up with up-and-coming producer Finn to create a record with hard-hitting wordplay and a gritty delivery style. Directed by Selva Films, Fev takes us on a journey through his neighborhood in a luxury sports car along with Finn as he recipes his signature hip-hop sound that has been regarded by many as an homage to the Golden Era, but with a modern twist. “Wash The Bills” is the first single from the rising artist’s upcoming project Blood On The Bills set to release on October 7.

“The reason Wash The Bills was first was a mutual decision between the producer Finn and myself. This project has a lot of topic based records, where I dive into things like taxes for example,” he explained. “I have a record with Ty Farris that’s based around the idea of Uncle Sam being an actual person who collects debts. Stuff like that led us to Wash The Bills which was more braggadocio.”

Growing up, Fev studied artists like Big Pun, Jay-Z, and Beanie Sigel. His father was a part of the dance/pop group TKA, which was signed by Tommy Boy Records. As a young boy watching a rising group, Fev knew he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps. Since the start of his career, the emcee has released six solo albums and a gut-punching 10-track LP with Vanderslice.

As a Harlem native, Fev has developed a meaningful relationship with his mentor Fat-Joe.

“Having Fat Joe as a mentor is a blessing unto itself. I’ve learned a lot from Joe, about the industry, music, and myself in general. I’ve been allowed to experience things I may have not experienced on my own through Joe so I’m forever grateful for that,” he shared. “Advice that has stuck is to go hard because nobody expects anything of us. Hold’s true. Joe helps me out a lot, he listens to the music and always points out new things to try. Sometimes they work, others they don’t but I try.”

This year, you can expect more music, visuals, content, and business opportunities for the Harlem artist. Check out the exclusive video premiere below.