Lynch Mob- [Father] ft. [SEANTHOMMONEY]

I feel like when it comes to all my recent articles, I keep writing about Atlanta artists. It’s weird, however, that none of the songs and videos I’ve been writing about are even remotely similar or should even be considered from the same planet despite being from the same city. There’s been what some people consider mumble rap, trap, bubblegum Rap, and more, but Father doesn’t fit into any of these categories. In fact, he doesn’t really fit into any subsets of Hip-Hop that have a label, but rather has a lane of his own that no one can come close to impeding on. Although he might not be considered at the top of the list for some people when it comes to the most popular artists coming out of Atlanta, his clever wordplay, comedic elements, and unique flows keep me coming back for more.

Fresh off of two random singles he dropped earlier this month, Father is back with another intriguing loosie called “Lynch Mob” featuring SEANTHOMMONEY. To set a more serious tone, harp strums create a mystifying melody along with some fascinating percussion. Father has multiple layers of vocals full of autotune on the hook, making it sound almost as if he’s either interrupting himself or possibly even having a conversation. The ad-libs in the background are spoken in different tones that add even more depth to the already complex offering.

Father goes on to discuss various topics throughout his verse, calling out other artists for not practicing what they preach but rather talking about doing drugs and hooking up with girls when this isn’t really what happens. There are certain comedic elements and lines per usual, but it does seem to be more serious, intimate, and artistic than usual. SEAN has similar vocal effects as his counterpart, although he stretches out the ends of certain lines and layers different pitches of his voice to add an almost bombardment of artistry that’s really appealing to hear.

I knew Father could get more serious and release songs that have more thoughtful undertones based on some of his previous drops, but they do seem to be few and far between. I was beyond impressed with this latest single and I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to hearing more music from the Atlanta star that’s along the same lines as this. SEANTHOMMONEY was also someone I wasn’t particularly familiar with prior to this track, but he does an incredible job and I’m definitely looking forward to diving into his other music. Whether you have any preconceived notions about who Father is as an artist or not, “Lynch Mob” is sure to open your mind to the talented Rapper so be sure to check it out as soon as you get the chance.


Words by Danny Adams