luv2hat3 – [Onlybino!]

Today the wait is over. Our pain and suffering have finally met their fated end – and joy and mirth can thrive where misery once was. After countless EPs and singles – Onlybino!’s debut LP is finally here. luv2hat3 is the newest release from the Florida-via-Jamaica artist, and on it our king delivers listeners eleven (11) new tracks for our consumption. Whether this is your first exposure to the young hip-hop/R&B prodigy, or you’ve been around since the “Race!” days, consider today the perfect time to join hands with your loved ones and share luv2hat3 with those you cherish. Synthesizing elements of alt-R&B with SoundCloud’s hip-hop renaissance, Onlybino!’s luv2hat3 sees him boldly taking risks to create his most concentrated and forward-thinking music yet. From the high-octane bounce of the futuristic “Wish List” to the cinematic ambiance of album single “Chills”, Onlybino!’s debut LP is full of our hero capitalizing on many of the sounds he helped popularize while simultaneously pushing the culture forward. Onlybino! only seems to get more versatile as he moves further into his artistic career, so fans old and new will be sure to find something to love on love2hat3. Between his affinity for clever high-energy rapping and thoughtful melody writing, it’s no surprise that Onlybino! has consistently been one of the most promising acts in the newest generation of SoundCloud talent. With more music and visuals likely slated for release this year, Onlybino!’s rise into the upper echelon of hip-hop stars seems almost guaranteed.