Lurkin – [Bandmanrill]

New York City is the home of rap, and there is no denying that whatsoever. So many great names have called this place home, and while there is no denying their talents, I think that way too many people overlook New Jersey as one of the most interesting neighbors in all of the music scene. This is a place that has raised so many talents that I can’t even begin to name otherwise we’d be here all day, but while the new school is filled with plenty of great New Jersey emcees, few do it quite like Bandmanrill.

The Newark-native is honestly not someone I know a ton about, but after listening to just a few of his songs, I realized that he is someone that simply can’t be ignored, no matter what type of hip-hop you generally listen to. At only 19 years old, the world is his, and while his latest single “Lurkin” is just another banger in a long lineage of hits, there is no taking away from the foundation he has built so steadily throughout the years. Drew Bandz, Mcvertt, and Mike Checks teamed up to produce this track, utilizing a familiar NYC drill tempo with unsettling strings that create an unforgettable melody, but it is Bandmanrill who really gets my blood pumping.

He is on the hunt verbally, peppering the instrumental with assertive lines and intoxicating lyrics that are not only unique but also beyond creative. I feel like this style of music can be hit or miss because so many emcees hear the electric beat and let that carry the bulk of the energy, but Bandman seems to see this as an opportunity to shine, and that’s exactly what he does.

Even in the CPD Films and Taegxn-directed music video, it’s obvious that he’s not just another rapper, so even with a variety of engaging sceneries, there is no taking away from his charisma. Bandmanrill might not be the biggest artist in the world at the moment, but there is only so much time before he really starts to take over, so I am far past eager to see what he puts out next.