Lucy – [Trust’N] x [Lil Myro]

Trust‘N is a 22 year-old hip hop and pop artist from Madison, Wisconsin. He is known for his motto of “The Lost Boy” because his music details the story of his life with songs about falling in love, lost love, faith, and a journey of self-discovery. Trust’N always felt as though he was an outcast growing up; while many of his peers didn’t understand him, he knew he was destined for more. The Madison native realized his passion for music as a teen when he began free-styling in car rides with friends. His single “Let You Be” has garnered over a million streams on Spotify alone. Recently, he released a six song collaborative hip-hop album called “Lapse” alongside fellow Madison artist Bkwds. The album peaked at #12 on Apple’s iTunes hip-hop charts and caught the attention of major media outlets. Trust‘N has debuted on platforms such as USA Today, ABC, NBC, Respect Mag, Elevator, Thisis50, Hype Magazine, and even Lyrical Lemonade. Trust’N continues to perfect his craft as an artist, in addition to taking on more of a business role in the entertainment industry.

For his latest release, Trust’N and fellow Wisconsin native Lil Myro released their new summer hit “Lucy.” The track was produced by LukeXi, and engineered by Aon The Artist. The single is a follow up to Trust’N’s last release “Eighteen,” which amassed millions of streams across all platforms. The duo has been making music together ever since they became friends in high school. “Lucy” features an up-tempo, “Toosie Slide” esque beat, vibey guitar, and a catchy hook, making it the perfect record for Instagram/Tik-Tok videos. Check out the single below!